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Self Heal plant essence

Archeus plant essences & elixirs are made with plants growing organically in our garden and surrounding area. We handpick the plant material for these essences and make them using a traditional quartz-infused sun method.

Botanical name: Prunella vulgaris

Positive attribute: Helping getting over things, move on, heal thyself
Negative indication: feeling like you can't pick yourself up after a setback
Primary Quality: Nurture

Dear little Self-heal. You can mow it, cut it, dig it out and it still pops back unfazed and joyous in its purple blooms. This essence is perfect for those on the mend after illness, upset or grief. It helps you heal you.

There is something joyous, charming and celebratory about its energy.

Planetary influence: Venus
Medicine wheel: West
Chakra: 3rd

This essence contains: Self heal (Prunella vulgaris), Aqua, Grape alcohol.

10ml/0.33 fl.oz stock oral dropper bottle

Place 2-3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.

Self Heal plant essence
Self Heal plant essence

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