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One-on-One Coaching


Here at the Centre for Nature Connection we have seen first-hand how helping clients rebuild their connection with Nature at a physical, emotional and spiritual level has helped them enormously. Three key trends we have noticed is how the Nature-based approach we use:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Creates a sense of not being alone
  • Inspires problem-solving and creativity



We believe that the past has much to teach us about how to navigate the present. We have undertaken extensive research and applied many aspects of this knowledge to the work we do. When you go through our coaching programme you are going to learn how human health and wellbeing was seen in direct relationship with nature and cosmos. And together we are going to work with these concepts to help you navigate what's going on for you.

Yes, we will do the reflective listening, goal-setting and problem-probing of standard contemporary coaching practice, but we also go a whole lot further than that. You are going to see how deepening your connection to nature is a powerful aid to life, whatever your life path is. You are going to learn about how to connect to, and work with, the beneficial physical and energetic properties of different plants from diminutive (yet powerful) plants at your feet, to the trees that tower above your head. You will see yourself in relationship with connections to nature and cosmos, in the way the ancients would have looked for creating your health and wellbeing. You'll work with the natural rhythms of season and time to literally help you 'go with the flow'.

You are welcome to book a free 30 minute call so that we can have a chat about your needs and see if the fit is right. Or you can jump right in and book sessions below.

When you make payment Georgina will email you to arrange dates and times for the sessions to take place.


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