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Consultation - Unlocking Potential

The ancients were masters of observation and saw each individual's potential woven into the fabric of nature and universe.

In this consultation we work with these ancient concepts and methods to help you navigate life in this modern world.

We discover the planetary influences on your body and soul and how you can work with them to:

- Revitalise personal passion and purpose
- Deepen self-awareness
- Increase resilience

When you book this consultation you will receive:

- A 1.5 hour one-on-one Zoom session
- A recording of the Zoom session
- A PDF of your chart information



    Following your purchase, you will be sent a link to our calendar for you to book in your session.  If the times available do not work for you then email and we will work out another time.

    The questionnaire enables me to go deep and cast your natal astrological chart, transits and progressions.  It will also be the opportunity for you to share any particular issues you are wishing to address.*

    This information will be shared with you in a 1.5 hour one-on-one consultation (by Zoom or phone)

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