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Beauty. Business. Nature Bundle

Are you looking at setting up your own natural skincare business? Maybe you already craft and sell some products at local markets and outlets. Maybe you've got an idea that you think could be great, but you just need some help with some of the detail.

Last year I created a big online course called Beauty Business Nature. I drew on my own experience of creating an award-winning natural products business and combined with my previous professional experience working for the United Nations Environment Programme and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

What I've done for 2021 is broken the original big course down into three key instant-access courses:

Sustainable Decisions - From supply chain, to packaging, to pricing... everything you need to know to create an eco-conscious brand.

Claims and Labelling - Learn what claims are allowed and what needs to go on your label.

Getting the Paperwork and the Pricing Right - Get loads of practical information and downloadables to help you get your paperwork set up right so that as your business grows, it can keep pace with you AND learn about pricing your product .

And then I left some other bits out because, well, things like the world of online platforms moves pretty quickly!!!!

You can buy these three courses separately, or you can save money and buy all three as a bundle.

"It's so amazing how Georgina shares her experience with the background of her corporate work. Rules and regulations can be a jungle, Georgina was leading the way through this!" - Sandesh

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