Nature-based approach

Training and resources for End of Life Care

The Natural Carer

At the Centre for Nature Connection we believe that people at all ages and stages of life can benefit from a deeper connection to Nature to help navigate life's transitions.

The Centre's founder, Georgina Langdale, has worked extensively with people at the end of life and has developed The Natural Carer / Doula range of training and resources that we are delighted to have available here.

The Natural Carer / Doula approach blends compassionate care techniques with the exploration of the ways Nature can aid wellbeing as one prepares for and journeys through end of life transitions.

These techniques have been used in private homes, hospices, hospitals and rest homes. Georgina has worked with people with a range of illnesses and conditions including dementia, cancer and parkinsons. She has also worked with carers, families, funeral directors and the bereaved.





An end-of-life doula is a nonmedical professional trained to care for a terminally ill person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during in the latter stages of life and through the death process. 



Training is offered online and in New Zealand you can also attend in-person workshops (unless Covid-19 occurs in the community). 
Natural Carer /Doula training focusses on ways in which we can help support patients, carers and families by offering ways to connect to nature through a range of techniques including visualisation, breathwork and energy work. Training  is designed for those supporting one or many in their personal or professional life. It equips students with a solid grounding in compassionate care techniques and teaches methods to work with and deepen a connection with nature to aid wellbeing. 

In the one day foundation in-person workshop we will explore: 

  • Death, dying and living in the last stages of life
  • What does an end of life doula do?
  • What is meant by compassionate care and connection to nature
  • Self care
  • Communication skills
  • Comforting care practices including breath, energy, visualisation
  • Plant essences - what they are and ways to use them
  • Having a plan - advance care directives, funeral planning and paperwork that will help everyone when the end is near

This workshop is helpful for families, carers, hospice volunteers, counsellors and complementary practitioners and anyone interested in increasing their skills set for helping and caring for people in palliative care and at the end of life.

The fee includes course materials, lunch and a Certificate of Attendance.

The complete training enables students to learn about a range of plants, different ways of tapping into the ways they can offer support (that do not contraindicate with medications), visualisation and breath techniques, plus the space to be able to practice and develop your skills. To do all training will require an investment of NZD$800.

We offer a range of handcrafted natural products to support this work. See our range here.


"Thank you for leading us into this beautiful learning/remembering. This course is so, so powerful. Thank you for creating this for the world."

- Jennifer

"I have to tell you that my daughter and I have loved your courses. You have truly blessed our souls and made our hearts sing. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, passion and love with us all. We are very lucky to have you in our lives."

- Jocelyn