The Alchemy of Plant Essences
2 day workshop
Havelock North


Plant essences are a safe and gentle way of being able to tap into the healing power of Nature. They work at an energetic, rather than physical level, making them safe to use in a wide variety of contexts and for people of all ages.

Ethical, vegan and cruelty free, our Archeus plant essences and elixir blends are handcrafted from organically grown and sustainably harvested wild plants growing in our gardens and surrounding forests.


Like us, each plant has its own vibration and unique qualities and character. Plant essences help us tap into that energetic nature to help with our own emotional support. For example, the native tree Kawa Kawa is used in traditional medicine as an antiseptic. It grows under the canopy but will reach towards the light at the edge of forests. So looking at this picture of the plant energetically, we see this plant’s ability to help ward off negativity and help us move emotionally from darkness to a lighter mood or sense of being.


To use them add a couple of drops of the plant essence to water and sip. In an emergency you can put a couple of drops on your tongue. You can also anoint chakra and pulse points with a drop of the essence. Many people use them to help bring extra focus to meditation and yoga.


What are plant essences?

They are micro-dose subtle extracts of flowers and trees that work at an energetic level. Plant essences came into mainstream use in the 20th Century when a range was developed by the British doctor Edward Bach who saw how plant energetics could help counter negative states of emotion.

How do you use them?

They can be used in a variety of ways:

- Add a couple of drops to water and sip. You can make a blend of upto five essences.

- You can apply directly under the tongue (taking care not to touch your mouth with the dropper)

- It is lovely to anoint chakra and pulse points with a dropof your chosen plant essence

- Although they have no aroma they can be added to a diffuser (nice alongside essential oils)

How are they made?

All our plant essences and blends are made from plants growing organically in our apothecary gardens, or in the nearby forest. Only a small among pf plant material is needed, making them a very sustainable product. Flowers or other plant material is harvested in the early morning and added to a glass bowl of water positioned in the sun for a few hours. This is then strained and the plant material returned to the gardens as compost. A minimal amount of grape alcohol is added to preserve the Mother Stock. From this remedy bottles are filled.

We plan our harvests with lunar and planetary transits and seasonal changes.

How do I know which plant essence to select?

We have provided a key aspect of each plant’s profile on their listing. There is more information about them when you click into them. You are looking for the ones that really resonate with you. Trust your judgement on this. You can use up to five essences at a time so there is no need to seek for the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We have also created some pre-blended essence elixirs to help people.

You can also book a 30 min consultation with Georgina to help you identify the plant essences for your particular need.

Can I learn more about plant essences from you?

Yes. We offer in-person and online training so that you can really deepen your botanical knowledge and feel confident selecting and using plant essences for personal use and for others too. See our courses tab.

We also offer 30 minute plant essence consultations. Click here.

Are they safe to use if taking medication?

Yes. Because they are working at an energetic level they are not affecting physiology and thus won’t interact with medication.


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You can now book a 30 minute one-on-one consultation to help identify the plant essences for your particular need.

Sessions take place via Zoom.

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We have  a range of plant essence sets available.