Here is where we can meet for one-off consultations to help unlock potential and explore possibilities

Throughout time and across cultures the grove has been a place where people have gathered for learning, ritual, prayer, healing and celebration. The grove is a sacred place of connection between people and nature.

"Nature is the universal teacher" - Paracelsus 1493-1541

Here at the Centre for Nature Connection we love this idea and we want to share this space with you as a way of helping you explore your potential and seek advice when needed.

See the range of consultation appointments below. All consultations take place on Zoom with centre founder,  Georgina Langdale.


Plant essences, or flower remedies as they are also known, are a beautiful way of connecting in to the healing power of Nature.

Safe to use, these essences work at an energetic level to help body and soul. Like us, each plant has its own 'signature', its own energy and beneficial properties. We are given clues to this by the way they grow: shape, colour, form, location and the way they interact with the ecosystem around them.

When we look deep into these paptterns and attributes we can build a picture of the plants that can step up as our allies, helping us through good times and bad.

This is a 30 minute one-on-one consultation with Centre for Nature Connection Founder Georgina Langdale, to provide guidance on the selection of plant remedies / essences and elixirs for your personal use.

The consultation will take place via Zoom.

- We will discuss your needs

- Plant essences / elixirs will be selected

- You will receive a recording of the session

If you would like a much more comprehensive consultation and mapping of plant allies to your specific need, we recommend the True Nature consultation.

This consultation recommends plant remedy essences available on the Centre for Nature Connection website. All of them are made by us from plants growing organically in our gardens or in the nearby forests and reserves.

UNLOCKING POTENTAL - planets & person

The ancients were masters of observation and saw each individual's potential woven into the fabric of nature and universe.

In this consultation we work with these ancient concepts and methods to help you navigate life in this modern world.

We discover the planetary influences on your body and soul and how you can work with them to:

- Revitalise personal passion and purpose
- Deepen self-awareness
- Increase resilience

When you book this consultation you will receive:

- A 1.5 hour one-on-one Zoom session
- A recording of the Zoom session
- A PDF of your chart information

TRUE NATURE - finding your natural allies in plants and planets

True Nature - the ability to see deep within ourselves, and deep within Nature. Here is where we find our natural allies: the plant healers and the planets that help us reach in and take our potential with both hands and embrace it, along with the plant allies and guardians that can help us on our journey.

This is a very special consultation that combines astrological information with plant knowledge.

Reconnecting to past concepts regarding our relationship with nature can help us navigate today's world. The ancients saw a galaxy of connections and understood that life here on earth is affected by the orbits of celestial bodies, as well as seasons and time.

In this session we deep dive into the relationship between nature and cosmos. We complete the 'Unlocking Potential' Grove offering and then we go deeper, much deeper. We add Nature to the mix by indentifying your synergies and allies with plants and landscape, and give advice as to how you can work with them to enhance your life.

When you book this session you will receive:

- A 1.5 hour one-on-one session on Zoom

- A recording of the session

- Recommendations of plant and landscape allies to support body and soul

- One complimentary Archeus plant essence (NB: this does not include delivery charges)

Please note that we recommend completing this consultation to gain maximum value out of our coaching programme.


The Grove Consultations can be expanded upon in coaching programmes and online and in-person courses. Explore the rest of our website to see the possibilities presented.