A nature-based approach to tapping into potential


Research shows that connecting to Nature can make a significant impact on health and wellbeing. Here at the Centre for Nature Connection we have seen first-hand how helping clients rebuild their connection with Nature at a physical, emotional and spiritual level has helped them enormously. Three key trends we have noticed is how the Nature-based approach we use:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Creates a sense of not being alone
  • Inspires problem-solving and creativity

Modern life has got so disconnected from nature. We have changed from an evolutionary situation in which we were active, existing in groups and fully integrated with the natural world around us, to one where we are inactive, often alone and rarely interacting with nature. We started to see ourselves as separate to nature and this has led to many of the problems we face today. It is no surprise that this divergence from our evolutionary background has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing.

But we can change that.


Your power lies in your connection with Nature

Finding inspiration

Let plants, planets and seasons open up a world of ideas and strategies for all stages of life and work

Generating resilience

Learn how to work with Nature (even from a distance) to help you better navigate the ups and downs of life

Feeling connected

Discover the character of plants and landscape and in doing so feel part of the rich and wonderful web of life

Discovering truths
Gain insights into your own character, wishes and dreams and work with the strengths that are revealed


We believe that the past has much to teach us about how to navigate the present. We have undertaken extensive research and applied many aspects of this knowledge to the work we do. When you go through our coaching programme you are going to learn how human health and wellbeing was seen in direct relationship with nature and cosmos. And together we are going to work with these concepts to help you navigate what's going on for you.

Yes, we will do the reflective listening, goal-setting and problem-probing of standard contemporary coaching practice, but we also go a whole lot further than that. You are going to see how deepening your connection to nature is a powerful aid to life, whatever your life path is. You are going to learn about how to connect to, and work with, the beneficial physical and energetic properties of different plants from diminutive (yet powerful) plants at your feet, to the trees that tower above your head. You will see yourself in relationship with connections to nature and cosmos, in the way the ancients would have looked for creating your health and wellbeing. You'll work with the natural rhythms of season and time to literally help you 'go with the flow'.

Our clients come from all walks of life, from stay at home mums to high-flying corporate executives. We have worked with a range of issues including: leadership, divorce, terminal illness, grief, autism, career change and artistic practice. All we ask from you is your commitment to the process and that you are really ready to do this. Techniques we use include:

  • One-on-One Coaching sessions by Zoom (or in person if you live locally and Covid conditions allow it)
  • Vision mapping and goal setting
  • Use synthesis of historical approaches and contemporary techniques to build your sense of self in connection with nature
  • Work with plant essences and other natural products to support wellbeing


First step: you can book a free no-obligation 30 minute call, or send us an email, so that we look at what you are hoping for and how we can help. or you can jump right in and purchase your sessions. Georgina will then email you to arrange times and dates for them.

You can book a session ticket for six or 12 one-hour consultations. Once that is done we will send you a short questionnaire to fill in and your coaching contract. 

The fee includes your sessions, four plant essences (you will pay postage) and a comprehensive 'Inspirational Nature' personal profiling report that we will go through in depth on our second session. This report can provide some deep insights in to your strengths and yes, some weaknesses too. We use it to weave strategies, goals and nature-based care into your life.

A portion of proceeds from your coaching booking will be donated to conservation activities.

Please note that we do limit places to ensure we can meet each client's needs accordingly.