What the past can teach us about navigating the present


Our health and wellbeing are inextricably linked to our relationship with Nature. The ancients knew it and worked with this wisdom across millennia. Research today also confirms this, the deeper we connect with the natural world, the better it is for our body, mind and soul.

After many years exploring, researching and working with some of these ancient concepts I believe there are numerous ways we can work with this knowledge to help reset our relationship with nature and in doing so, revitalize our own health and wellbeing. 

My focus has been on European traditions and individuals, which is a reflection of my own British heritage, while also looking at some of the figures in history who have influenced these traditions. Ever curious to discover the concepts and healing approaches that can have a place in today’s world, my studies have taken me from the times of the Babylonians, Ptolemy, Plato and Hippocrates, through to medieval abbesses, renaissance physicians and on to the present day.

By looking back; by digging under contemporary attitudes to find out how things used to be and why the western world got so unhooked from nature, we can create powerful ways to help people reconnect with nature through coaching, training courses and the development of natural products

Words Of Wisdom

There is so much we can learn from the past.

“There is no final death in the universe; every death is a circular transition into a new life”

Hildegard von Bingen

12th Century German abbess, mystic and healer


“In order to heal, a physician must first know the stars.”


Greek philosopher and the 'father of modern medicine'

460-375 BC

“Man is dependent for his existence on Nature, and the state of Nature depends on the condition of mankind as a whole.”


Swiss physician, alchemist and natural philosopher

1493 - 1541



RESET - Renaissance wisdom to help navigate the new normal

What can the renaissance teach us about ways to navigate the change in today's world?

Five hundred years ago the world was seeing huge changes in technology, science and communication. Plague was stalking the European continent and religion was also undergoing a revolution of its own.

Reset is an intriguing introduction to renaissance concepts of our health and well-being seen in connection to our relationship with Nature and Cosmos. Invaluable for navigating our modern world.

I first gave this seminar for the Alchemist's Kitchen in New York in 2020. I am recording it again and making it available for download here.

THE HEALING GARDEN - people, plants and planets

I'm passionate about gardening. And over the years, the more I've learned about plant and the ways they grow, the more the garden has become filled with animus, a sense of connectivity with the divine.

Initially I offered this course as a six week live course, but there is so much to explore that I am recording it as an instant access online course. 

We explore ten different plants and their history, their medicine, their energy, their folklore and the practicalities of growing them.

We explore the lives of Hildegard von Bingen, Marsilio Ficino, Paracelsus and others through the lens of their relationship with plants and nature.

And we peep into the concepts of connection between your garden and the planets.

Deepen your connection with the natural world, so that a garden is no longer just a place of pink flowers or white flowers, it becomes a community of care, contemplation and connection.

The more we know plants, the more we know ourselves.

Thank you for leading us into this beautiful learning/remembering. 

 This course is so, so powerful.

Thank you for creating this for the world.