Let's face it... we are all going to die, that's what comes with life - yet we just don't talk about it. But the reality is that this means that over the years, people (and animals) we love, and know, and cherish, will die, and sadly some of them way too soon.

I want to be part of a growing movement to help normalise conversations around death and dying. And in doing so I hope to equip people with more skills and confidence in facing their own, or another's mortality.

I know I'd like to help people understand what my needs are and wishes for my care as I am dying, and I really hope that I am able to better support the care and wishes of those I love too.

I've been on a real odyssey in search of ways of being with dying, and I've synthesized the things I've learned and experienced into my new course The Natural Carer: Nature, Compassion & Soul in End-of-Life Care.

This course simply aims to share some ways of 'Being there'.

In this video I answer a question about this sacred work.

For course information and enrollments click here.


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