In this episode of the Soul Garden, Georgina Langdale is joined by third generation funeral director, Terry Longley in a warm, thoughtful and informative discussion on what happens after someone dies. 

Statistics say that most people will only have direct experience of having to manage the funeral of 2.3 people in a lifetime. That doesn't give us much practice at knowing what to do!

So in this interview Georgina and Terry explore the death care landscape in New Zealand and a range of topics including:

  • The role of the funeral director
  • The importance of visitation
  • Natural Burial
  • How to care for a body at home
  • Embalming 
  • Deaths referred to the Coroner
  • and what do do if someone dies at home

Many thanks to Terry Longley for taking part in this episode. You can find him at Terry Longley & Son

You can learn more about courses and coaching that brings nature, compassion and soul into end of life care with Georgina at

 PS: Apologies for some slight audio issues in the second part of the interview.

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